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Keep an eye out for mobile dent repair scammers

There is a story about a woman who was approached by three men who wanted to repair a dent on her car.  The problem was, they had fake credentials so the woman believed them.  They agreed to do it on the spot for 85 dollars.

All they did was put wax in the dents which they passed off as “filler” and wound making more damage than there originally was.

After she brought the car to the body shop that they impersonated, the owner of the body shop could not believe it.

Somebody was going around using his business cards and doing fake work on people’s cars to scam them out of money.

You need to be very careful and wary of people coming up to your car and offering to do work for very little.  Make sure to take it to a reputable body shop or a professional mobile dent repair service.

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