Student Targeted by Mobile Dent Repair Businesses in California

A college student in California says that two extremely shady mobile dent repair businesses stole several thousand dollars from him.

A college student who lives in Bakersfield says after his bad experiences with two different mobile dent repair businesses he wanted to warn potential customers to stay away from random fix-it and dent repairmen who promise the world and do not deliver.

Christ Thompson, needed to fix a dent in his car so he decided to check Craigslist and found an ad for mobile dent repair where the repairs happen at your work or home and cost less than a normal auto body shop.

After they got to work, he realized it was a mistake.

“They said due to cold weather they couldn’t put on any paint,” Thompson said. They did not really repair anything and stole 250 dollars from Thompson.

But with the work unfinished, Thompson once again checked craigslist where he saw another ad for a different mobile dent repair business.  This particular listing advertisement had pictures and more promises.  So he called and set up a meeting in a parking lot in Bakersfield.

“They said it was going to look like a brand new car,” Thompson said.

Once again, he paid them $250 in cash to get the work done.

Thompson said the technicians covered the shoddy work with some red stuff saying it was supposed to protect the paint.  When he got home and washed the stuff off he was dumbfounded.  He saw a scratched sandpaper surface and spray paint spattered on his windshield, mirror, and tire.

“It looks even worse,” Thompson said.

Thompson then called the Investigative Consumer Unit.  And we called the numbers from both ads to set up meetings. We showed up at the first location in our Ford Explorer which had a dent that we asked him to fix. Our cameras were ready to go.

We told a guy, who said his name was Tony, that some of his past customers were unhappy with his work.

“No comment. I need to call my attorney. he said.

When we pressed further he got in his car and sped away.

We then called the number in the second ad and set up a time and place to meet.

When we got out of our SUV and identified ourselves, the repairman immediately covered his face, never got out of his car and left faster than the first guy.

California does not have a state agency that regulates any kind of dent repair or collision repair, so it’s up consumers to do their due diligence.

In the end, Thompson’s plight struck a chord with a lot of locals in the Bakersfield area and we hope that he gets the justice he deserves.

This article was supplied to us by a reputable mobile dent repair service that services Bakersfield.